stateland cafe / brother bird

We came here for the highly recommended soft serve mochi donut, but ended up ordering the ‘liu sa’ mini mochi donut balls with cookie butter soft serve instead. The donut balls were fresh and hot, but the salted egg yolk filling lacked flavour and wasn’t as lava-like/flowy as we hoped. The flavour of the soft serve didn’t come through enough either, and overall the serving size of three mini donut balls just could not justify the S$14.90 price tag.

Our friends ordered the original mochi donut (S$12.90), and in our opinion it was a much better choice. You get a large mochi donut in the usual shape, with a chewier/QQ texture, with additional toppings (kinako powder, salted caramel, berries crisps, and almond crunch).

This place is worth visiting, but be sure to order the original mochi donut + soft serve.

Taste (out of 5): 🐢🐢🐢
Appearance: 🐢🐢🐢🐢
Value: 🐢🐢
Eat again? 🐢🐢


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