Tsuta: Michelin-starred ramen in Singapore

Hailed as Singapore’s first and only Michelin-starred ramen restaurant, we had high hopes for Tsuta, but unfortunately it fell far below our expectations.

We arrived at 12:30pm on a weekday, and had to endure a 30 minute wait to enter the restaurant. Fortunately, Tsuta is conveniently located on the ground floor of Pacific Plaza, right beside Tim Ho Wan and Kam’s Roast, two other affordable Michelin-starred restaurants. Many of our fellow queuers snacked on THW’s baked char siew baos while waiting, while we (most regrettably) saved our stomach space for the ramen.

A regular sized bowl with no additional toppings costs S$15, while a refillable cup of tea is S$1.50. Customers are given the choice between shoyu truffle ramen or shio. The more popular choice was the shoyu truffle ramen, which we chose to order.

Sadly, the soup was extremely salty and every bite was overwhelmed with the taste of truffle. The noodles and egg? Average. The chashu? A sad, thin slice that could have been more tender.

Save your S$15. There is admittedly a lack of good ramen places in Singapore, but go to Ippudo or Santouka if you must, just not Tsuta! If you’re already in the queue, it’s not to late to step across to Kam’s Roast and/or Tim Ho Wan. Your wallet and tastebuds will thank us.

Taste (out of 5): 🐢
Appearance: 🐢🐢🐢
Value: 🐢
Eat again? 🐢


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