very thai noodles 【瓦城大心】: Black Sesame Soft Serve

Stumbled upon this after Marukame Udon when we were craving sesame ice cream (65NT). A restaurant which looks like it’s selling ramen, but instead Thai-style noodles, they have an ice cream machine right at their entrance. It’s not as heavy as other sesame ice creams, and was definitely a nice cooler after our udon lunch. (more…)


Marukame Udon 丸龜製麵

What’s all the fuss about ramen? Udon like this should be more famous than the reputation currently bestowed upon it. Soup is light enough and not as salty as ramen broth. The softness of the beef enhance the flavour of the udon noodles. Add in the egg and even a side of fried veggies ball. (more…)

藍家掛包 (Lan Jia Gua Bao)

Possibly the most famous 掛包 (guà bāo) in Taipei, 藍家掛包 is located in the Gongguan District near National Taiwan University. The line is always long whether you’re eating in or taking out, but it moves fairly quickly. While you’re waiting, why not try one of Taipei’s best bubble teas from 陳三鼎 just opposite?

Taking away is recommended, mainly because of the atrocious restaurant service. One of the staff in particular repeatedly told customers to hurry up, stop drinking, stop chatting, stop using your phones, and eat faster. (more…)

陳三鼎 (Chen San Ding)

Located a short walk from Gongguan station, and conveniently opposite 藍家掛包, 陳三鼎’s bubble tea is one of, if not the, best bubble tea ever. Most shops have really chewy and sometimes hard bubbles, but the ones here are soft, and doesn’t feel like a chore to chew through. With a partner or group of friends? Grab this bubble milk tea (35NT) while your friend queues for the guabao, and that’s your lunch or dinner settled. (more…)

阜杭豆漿 (Fu Hang Dou Jiang)

Not the easiest spot to find, as first-timers like us would attest, but well worth the long bindy round-the-corner, down-the-stairs queue. 阜杭豆漿 is within a food court on the second floor of Huashan Market.

The 豆漿 (25NT) and 厚饼油条 (50NT) complemented each other very well, as the former was light in taste and sweetness, while the 厚饼油条 felt very filling, and crunchy with the 油条 inside. The 饭团 (35-40NT) helped tie the entire meal together. These are perhaps the best combinations of breakfast/brunch foods one, or two, could have for… breakfast or brunch. (more…)

雅朵義大利餐廳&披薩 (天母)

This is one of our favourite places in the entire world for pizza, let alone in Taipei (beating out Tienmu’s La Pasta and Pizzeria Oggi by a wide margin). Small and unassuming, 雅朵義大利餐廳&披薩 (or Pizzeria Rialto) is located along the left Zhongshan North Rd. Section 7, and is easy to miss if you’re not really looking for it.

We’ve tried several of their pizzas (300~400NT), but always go back to their Funghi pizza. The toppings are fresh, the cheese is abundant and the crust, although not thin and crispy, is crusty and just the right amount of chewiness. (more…)