Pan-Asia BBQ

I came here for one thing and one thing only – the Sushi Love Boat. Only a combination of boredom and sheer greed could explain  my willingness to fork out good money for this. Priced at £68 instead of £50 as stated on their website, you certainly do not get what you pay for. My three companions still managed to polish off a main dish each immediately after we demolished this platter (in about 30 minutes, by the way).



Beijing Dumpling House

The ambience was cosy. Our server was nice. Did the food take me back to Asia? Not really. But I suppose this is Chinese food in London – what can you expect? It was quite affordable at least, costing ~£25 for three people.

Soup dumplings (小籠包): not very soupy, as you can see.

Taste (out of 5): 🐢🐢 (more…)

Hummus Bros (UberEATS)

So you’re in London. But it’s cold and rainy and dark and you can’t bring yourself to step outside. But one does not simply waste an opportunity to eat good food in London! My food dilemma on this particular night was solved by an UberEATS promo code for first time users giving you £5 off your first two orders: VCUKEATS

I ordered Hummus Bros’ set meal (£8.40) which included a small beef and aubergine bowl with pitta bread, tabouleh salad, and a fresh mint and ginger lemonade. Delivery was £2.50, but with the voucher, my total only came up to £5.90. (more…)


Arriving at 12:30pm on a Saturday, a fairly long queue greeted us at Kanada-Ya, despite being directly opposite Japanese ramen chain Ippudo. Undeterred by the snow, cold and rain, we persevered, and it paid off.

We decided to order the Tonkotsu X (£10.50), as it was unique to London. It consists of pork and chicken broth, wood ear fungus, pork belly chashu, seaweed and spring onion. Their ingredients are flown from Japan, and the skill and care taken in preparing them is evident. (more…)

Shackfuyu: Kinako French Toast

This is one of the best things you could eat in London. Warm, thick toast with a crisp exterior while retaining a fluffy interior, every bite of Shackfuyu’s Kinako French Toast (£7) is a true delight. It’s a deep fried piece of toast dusted generously with kinako (roasted soybean powder), perfectly accompanied by matcha soft serve. The soft serve, although slightly too sweet, did not lose its matcha flavour. Upon finishing it, a great sadness descended upon me as I realised that this wonderful food experience had come to an end. (more…)

Red’s True Barbecue (Nottingham)

Having tried Red’s, Rub Smokehouse and Red Dog Saloon, I can confidently conclude that Red’s is still the best and most authentic American-style smokehouse in Nottingham.

The glorious platter you see is “The BBQ Feast,” described as

Mountains of St. Louis ribs, baby back ribs, rib tips, burnt ends, Black Angus brisket, sticky chicken, smoked sausage and Red’s pulled pork.

Served with sweet potato cornbread, buttermilk slaw, giant onion rings, chopped salad, skin-on fries and a slug of bourbon each.

It costs £18.95 per person, and requires a minimum of four people in your party. This is my second time ordering it, and again there were ample leftovers to take home (likely more than what we ate!) (more…)